• Contact your insurance company and report your claim and receive your claim number.

  • Give us a call here at The Wreck Center, Toledo’s best certified collision repair center.

  • We will assist you with the rest of the process until you are back on the road good as new.


We take it from here!

  • After the claim is processed the insurance companies set the initial inspection. (In some cases these inspections can be approved just through photos.)

  • The insurance company will then determine the coverage and limitations associated with the claim.

  • Inspection will begin usually within 24 hours of approval with an on site insurance inspector who will leave the estimate with us here at The Wreck Center or yourself.

  • Payment and policy will then be determined and decided upon by the insurance company. (The check will either be sent to you or us here at the shop, usually a 2 party check is issued.)

  • If claim is filed then the insurance company will pay for all towing services to get your vehicle to The Wreck Center.


  • The Wreck Center provides a free written estimate if the claim is not being issued through an insurance company. If an insurance company is being used, the estimate will be issued by them directly.

  • Once the estimate is generated we will determine a completion date, go over the details of the repair estimate, check availability of parts and begin the ordering process, and locate a rental car company if needed. They will pick you up here at the shop!

  • If a deductible or betterment is applied by the insurance company then The Wreck Center will explain the total out of pocket cost for the repairs.

  • At this point, The Wreck Center will review all damages that were unrelated to the claim accident for a complete estimate of any additional customer paying repairs done to the vehicle.


  • Parts will be ordered.

  • Tear down and disassembly will begin along with the repair process.

  • If new damage is found during disassembly, we will contact the insurance company to create a supplement for any additional damage, parts or repairs.

  • The insurance company will then come to reassess any additional damage found and once we have written authorization, work will continue on the vehicle along with ordering the new parts.

  • If paying cash, contact will be made to you, the customer, immediately, to discuss your options and reassess the estimate if required.


  • Structural repair will be made in situations of heavy collisions.

  • Body and metal repairs are made according to manufacture standards determined for each vehicle.

  • Parts are installed to fit and finish in ordinance with manufacture standards.

  • Body parts will be corrosion protected and restored to the vehicles manufacture standards.

  • Body and metal work is then completed to consistent per-finish grade.

  • Prior to refinishing, the vehicle is reviewed and inspected.

  • Vehicle is sanded, primed, sealed, and masked for spray procedure.


  • Primer is applied along with special Axalta base colors that match your factory paint.

  • Your vehicle is then cured in our booths to ensure a factory quality, if not better.

  • Axalta color is added with our ECO friendly water based paints.

  • Vehicle is buffed and wet sanded where necessary to ensure invisible repairs and factory match.


  • Vehicle is now re-assembled.

  • Your vehicle then has a final detail completed.

  • Final inspection to insure the colors match, body lines and parts used are all to factory specs and that all other areas of repair are up to the insurance company guidelines.


  • Customer is notified of vehicle completion.

  • Itemized repair order and estimate will be delivered outlining all the work that has been completed.

  • If satisfied, you’re only responsible for the deductible unless there was any customer pay work initially agreed upon or any betterment that was applied by the insurance company.


  • The Wreck Center gives a lifetime guarantee of all repairs. All you need to do is give us a call and we will 100% back our work and make it right.

  • We ask that you refrain from waxing your freshly painted vehicle for at least 30 days.

  • You may wash your vehicle at any time. To keep your vehicle looking it’s best we recommend only using touch free washes.


  • If you had a great experience please feel free to refer us to anyone else in need. We love helping Toledo residents get back on the road feeling new.


We know that an automobile accident is a very stressful situation, and most people dread the repair process. This is why it is very important to choose the right auto body repair shop. We at the Wreck Center in Perrysburg, Ohio aim to make the process as convenient and comfortable as possible. Our goal is to repair your vehicle back to factory condition and to get you back in your vehicle as soon as possible. Customer satisfaction and quality service are our primary concerns. Below we will explain the auto body repair process which includes the following: Loss notice, manage claim, evaluation and estimation, repair process by management, structure and metal repair, refinishing, assembly, final process and ongoing care and maintenance.

Loss Notice

If you have automobile insurance, the first thing you have to do is report the accident and receive a claim number. You or your insurance company can then call us to set up an inspection. We will now assist you throughout the process.

Manage Claim

Once the claim is completed, your insurance company will schedule an initial inspection. They will then determine what coverages you have associated with the claim. In most cases, the inspection will begin within 24 hours of approval by an insurance inspector. The inspector will typically leave the estimate with us at the Wreck Center. At this time, the insurance company will determine and issue out payment to you or our facility. They will also cover all associated towing cost.

Evaluation and Estimation

We provide free estimates in instances that insurance companies are not being used. Otherwise, the insurance company will provide the estimates. Once the estimate is completed, we will estimate a completion date, explain the repair estimate, begin parts ordering process, and find you a rental car if necessary. The rental car can be scheduled to pick you up at our shop. At this point, we will also explain any deductibles or unrelated damage expenses to you.

Repair Process by Management

The parts will now be ordered and the repair process will begin with the start of disassembly. If new damage is discovered during tear down, the insurance company will be notified to create a supplement for the additional damage and expenses. The insurance company will then come back out to confirm the findings. Once they give us the authorization, we will continue with the repair process. If an insurance company is not being used, we will contact you immediately to discuss your options.

Structure and Metal Repair

Structure repairs will be performed in cases involving heavy collisions. We follow strict manufacturer standards when performing body and metal repairs. The new parts will also be installed, finished and corrosion protected according to these standards. Before refinishing, all of the repairs are thoroughly inspected and reviewed. After this, the vehicle is prepped for painting.


At this point, the primer and special factory matching basecoat is applied. The paint is then cured in a booth to meet or exceed factory standards. We use eco-friendly paints with added Axalta color. The repaired area is buffed and wet sanded if required to ensure the highest quality and appearance.


Vehicle re-assembly will now be accomplished. After this, a final detail and inspection will be accomplished to ensure all repairs meet manufacturer standards and insurance guidelines.

Final Process

You will now be notified that your vehicle is complete. A detailed repair order will be given to you and the insurance company showing all the work that was completed. You will then look over the vehicle to ensure you are satisfied. If so, any deductibles or money owed by you will be paid at this time.

Ongoing Care and Maintenance

The Wreck Center backs all of its repairs with a lifetime guarantee. All it takes is a phone call, and we will promptly remedy the problem. We recommend that you not wax your vehicle for at least a month after the repairs. This gives the paint time to properly bond to the parts. Your vehicle can be washed at any time, but we recommend only touch free car washes. If you hand wash, use clean soft cloths designed for car cleaning.