List of services we offer for vehicle & paint repair. We specialize in any make and model and ensure you are 100% satisfied with the end result of our work. Contact us today with any questions or concerns you may have!

Customer Service

The Wreck Center offers unrivaled customer service to help guide you through your repairs seamlessly. This ensures you are taken care of through the entire process as we restore your vehicle to it's original condition.

Online Estimates

We can give you a fast estimate that keeps you from having to wait any longer than needed while trying to get back on the road. Call us today for details on this service.

Collision & Paint Repair

Our specialists go above and beyond while restoring your vehicle. With decades of experience, our technicians set the bar high for vehicle repair standards in Toledo, Ohio.

Glass Repairs

The Wreck Center offers a full line of glass repairs from chips in windshields to full replacement. We can handle any make & model of vehicle and will ensure your glass is brought back to the original manufactured condition.

Lifetime Warranty

We offer a lifetime warranty on all projects except for rust repairs. If you are not satisfied with the work or notice an issue with a repair just give us a call and we will make sure it is taken care of immediately.

On Site Car Rentals

Why wait for another company to assist you with a rental when you can handle it all here with us? Vehicles are able to be rented directly through The Wreck Center, so you are never left without a ride while we are repairing your vehicle.

Free Estimates

The Wreck Center offers free estimates so you can find out if we are the best fit for you without having to reach into your pockets. Our goal is to offer you the highest level of service while saving you as much money as possible.

Paintless Dent Repairs

For small dings and dents that don't need paint repair, we can assist you in removing these and making your exterior look flat and new again.


Need your vehicle brought to the shop? Not a problem. We offer towing so you can get here safely and back on the road with our rentals when you need to leave. We are your one-stop-shop for everything needed during your repair process.

Auto Body Repair Shop

The Wreck Center is a Perrysburg auto body shop that offers a wide variety of auto body repair services to individuals who have had the unfortunate experience of going through a car accident. Customers who are just starting to look around for auto body repair services will be happy to know that we offer free estimates and online estimates.

The main goals of the individuals who work at The Wreck Center auto body shop include offering a high level of customer service to our clients and making sure they are 100 percent satisfied with their vehicle repairs. For this reason, we offer a wide range of services, including collision & paint repair, glass repairs, paintless dent repairs, towing, and on-site car rentals.

This auto body shop is ready to handle any repair a customer places before us. We have four paint technicians, 12 body technicians, three estimators, one parts coordinator, and a complete detail shop. Perrysburg, Ohio residents can expect the highest level of customer service and the solution to any auto body damage problem they are dealing with. Our auto body repair center is certified to repair all makes and models of vehicles but what about the insurance aspect of it? No problem. We work with over 40 insurance companies and plan to welcome more.

Basic Repair Services

Do you need an entire windshield replaced? Do you need the glass repaired because there are chips or cracks in it? The Wreck Center offers a full line of glass repairs, ranging from chips and cracks to full windshield replacements. No matter the make or model of the vehicle, we will ensure that the glass is brought back to the original condition it was in when it came off the manufacturing line.

The collision & paint repair services provided by our auto body shop will go above and beyond the expectations of our customers. These technicians have years of experience and have set a high bar for their vehicle repair standards.

What if a customer’s vehicle doesn’t need a full paint job? Small dings and dents can easily be repaired without the need to repaint the entire vehicle. We can flatten out the exterior of a vehicle and make it look new again with our paintless dent repairs.

Convenience & Quality Service

Customers looking for unrivaled quality service in the Perrysburg area will not be disappointed in the level of service offered by our auto body company. We work hard to ensure that our customers are taken care of from the time you contact us all the way until the point when the vehicle has been delivered back to the customer in its original condition. We are proud to offer convenient online estimates to our clients. This prevents you from waiting long periods of time when you need to get back on the road.

We offer free estimates so that our clients are able to find the best fit for their specific needs without having to spend a dime. The Wreck Center’s goal is to offer a high level of service and save our clients time and money.

Something that can be a source of frustration to individuals who need to have their vehicle repaired is the need to tow the vehicle. If a client needs their vehicle brought to the shop, this is not a problem. Our¬†Perrysburg auto body shop offers a towing service in order to transport a client’s vehicle safely wherever the client needs it to go. We strive to be a one-stop-shop for everything you need during the repair process of your vehicle. It is even possible to rent a car on site. There’s no need to wait for a car rental company to assist when our auto body shop has on-site car rentals that are affordable and convenient.

The technicians who work at The Wreck Center are so sure of the quality of their work that they offer a lifetime warranty on almost all of their projects. The only exception to this lifetime warranty rule are projects that were done because of rust damage. If you do not feel satisfied with the work that was done or they notice some type of issue with the job, all they need to do is contact The Wreck Center and their concern will be addressed immediately.

This Perrysburg auto body shop is conveniently located just 15 minutes from the Perrysburg metropolitan center. Our facility boasts two frame machines, two vehicle hoists, and four downdraft spray booths. Our goal is to provide clients with the highest level of auto body shop repair services and get them back on the road as quickly as possible.